Welcome to ecr smarts

So you’ve decided to pursue research after finishing your PhD. Or maybe you haven’t ‘decided’ at all, but simply found yourself in an academic position.

What you do know is that you don’t ‘get it’. Just like the new kid on the block who doesn’t have the street smarts of the older, wiser or more experienced kids. You don’t have ecr smarts.

To get published, to publish a lot, to secure research grants, to don the ‘I know what the academic sport is all about’ attitude.

You also know the clock is ticking. You’re only an ECR for so long. And you’ve got to get runs on the board, and fast.

These days there are loads of online resources, blogs, websites, webinars, podcasts, as well as the more traditional print ‘article’ and ‘book’ on the subject.

But where will you find the time to absorb all that material and apply it to your situation appropriately and effectively?

And how will those (general) resources help you? Get you established? Get you published? Get you grants? And help you learn where your gaps are and fill them?

ecr smarts provides you with tailored human help focused on where you’re at, what you need, and how to get you there. It could be publications. It could be grants. It could be your networks and support systems.

Whether you’re an ECR or wondering how to better support ECRs in your Faculty/Division/College, have a browse of ecr smarts’ Services and contact Anna to discuss your needs.

Don’t suffer in silence like most new ECRs. Get published. Get grants. Get what you want from the ECR journey.

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